Acousta Peg Bridge Pin System

$55.00 Sales tax, Ohio Residents only

The Acousta Peg Locking Bridge Pin System for acoustic guitars is an absolutely amazing but simple device that completely redefines what an acoustic guitar can sound like. The Acousta Peg System certainly exemplifies an “Innovative Guitar Product”.

Manufactured from several types of metal or wood and/or other materials,as a lifetime warranty, and fits 6 and 12 string guitars with no modification in most cases. The Acousta Peg System improves tone, sustain, playability, intonation, volume, frequency response, and voicing. Its greatest benefit however, is a severe reduction in forward bridge leveraging. If you ever have witnessed a “pulled” bridge, bent or warped top, neck to body, or fingerboard to top de-lamination, you understand to what I am referring.

By its design, the Acousta Peg System virtually eliminates high tension lateral hinging forces which create top distortions, (both convex and concave), neck to body, and fingerboard to top stresses, bridge creep, and bridge lifting, (which alters the scale length, and affects action and intonation, often severely), and uneven frequency response between the bass, middle and treble registers.I always have been impressed with products that make the reproduction or creation of music more “musical.”  I am more impressed when a product comes along that is so simple, so organic, yet so basic and fundamental, that it accomplishes more musicality. The Accousta Peg Locking Bridge system has all that.

For decades we have had to contend with worthless, terrible, bridge pins that break and don’t really work, that are forced into a round hole but more like a tent stake. This is dumb. All of the time they break and split the bridge and the pins themselves. All wood surfaces should be oiled with IGP commercial grade oil to prevent splitting and cracking.

There is a lifetime guarantee on this product. Save your receipt.